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If you're new to The Stinging Fly, our special introductory packs offer the ideal way to become acquainted with the work we publish…

For only €45 within Ireland and Europe, and €50 outside of Europe, our introductory packs will get you:

—the current issue of the magazine

—2 past issues, and

—2 of our books

—a Stinging Fly tote bag


Readers' comments:

“I have really enjoyed the great variety of short stories, and the smattering of poetry, provided by The Stinging Fly. The introductory pack was remarkable value for the diversity and quality of writing that I got. Next step is the subscription…”

Aidan Finnegan, Ireland

“Such high quality writing has refreshed and inspired me. I would urge anyone interested in new writers and writing to make it a priority to get one.”

Beverley Blackburn, UK

"If you are looking for a place to keep up with the newest and most original Irish writers, look no further than The Stinging Fly."

Martin Burns, USA

If you wish to purchase a pack, proceed (below) then drop us an e-mail: stingingfly [at] — with your preferences for books and back issues. Alternatively, you can leave it up to us and we'll make the tough decisions on your behalf! 

The introductory packs also make excellent gifts. Email us with the giftee's address, and we can send the pack directly to them, along with a little note.